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Tournament Analysis: Summer Tides of War @ The Giant's Lair, Plymouth

On Saturday 21/9/13, I took part in the quarterly 40k tournament at my FLGS, "The Giant's Lair" down in Plymouth. It was an 1850pt event with the results going towards our ongoing 40k league. It was a one day event with 3 games played and 12 participants in total. A random draw selected first round opponents then Swiss rankings were used to determine subsequent opponents. A 20-0 system was used for scoring with 8 possible points available for primary objectives, 4 for secondary objectives and then the remaining 8 points for difference in VP's for whole units destroyed.

I used the following list:

Farseer w. Singing Spear - 105
Spiritseer - 70

x8 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent w. Holofields - 234
x8 Dire Avengers in Wave Serpent w. Holofields - 234
x7 Jetbikes w. x2 Shuriken Cannon - 139
x5 Wraithguard in Wave Serpent w. EML & Holofields - 305

x7 Striking Scorpions - 119

x2 Hornets w. x2 Pulse Lasers each - 160
x9 Warp Spiders - 171

x5 Dark Reapers w. Exarch upgrade, Tempest Launcher, Fast Shot & Starshot Missiles - 222
x3 Support Weapons w. Shadow Weavers - 90

Total - 1849

As you can see, the list is offensively highly mobile but with a solid backline of area denying barrage units.

My possible opponents:

Player 1 - Tau - Dual Riptides
Player 2 - Tau - Hammerheads & Crisis heavy
Player 3 - Daemons - Fateweaver led flying circus
Player 4 - Grey Knights - Terminators & Dreadknight
Player 5 - Grey Knights - PA GK with Storm Ravens
Player 6 - CSM - Mixed list of various cult troops
Player 7 - Marines w. Eldar allies - Cantor Sternguard spam with jetbike and Wraithknight
Player 8 - Marines w. Guard allies - Iron Hands with Leman Russes & Mech Vets
Player 9 - Marines - IF 5 man tactical spam with dual vindi's and drop-pod dreads
Player 10 - Marines - Dual Land Raiders w. terminators and devastator centurions led by Tigurius
Player 11 - Marines - Tactical Rhino spam with vindicator and dreadnought support

Game 1 - vs. Player 9

I won the roll off and my opponent failed to seize. I took out a tactical squad in the open with the reapers and EML serpent to score first blood. remainder of the mounted troops moved forward while the support platform pinned another of the tactical squads. His first turn, 2 pods arrive with dreads. Ironclad kills 1 reaper, normal dread opts for support platforms with no wounds. vindicators kills 1 platform.

My turn 2, spiders arrive and kill the ironclad, hornets outflank and kill one of the vindicators, wave serpent with shuriken cannons kill the other dread. jetbikes move to claim home objective. His turn 2, last dread pods in, fluffs all shooting and is now a sitting duck. His warlord charges my scorpions who can't fight due to being affected by the "Errm" effect of the hallucination power cast by his libby. Scorpions are run down but his consolidation was only 1" so his warlord stays put.

My turn 3, reapers kill the last dread & the spiders nuke his warlord. Libby is finished off by the wave serpent. His turn 3 he maneuvers to attempt to castle his objective with minimal casualties to my force.

He concedes by turn 5 due to only having his drop-pods left.

I win 18-2.

Game 2 - vs. Player 11

I won the roll off again and went first. This was an annihilation game and therefore wasn't particularly tactical or exciting to be honest. We had vanguard deployment and my opponent decided to castle up on the deployment line. I kept my bikes, spiders, hornets and reapers in reserve. First turn I cracked a dreadnought and rhino to get first blood, he scored some hull points on one of my wave serpents. Turn 2, most of my my reserves came on, the hornets nuked some more of the tanks, the spiders mishapped and were placed miles from the action. He killed one of the hornets. Turn 3, reapers come on and nuke a tac squad. A second tac squad is pinned by the shadow weavers. The remaining hornet kills a vindicator. The spiders start moving towards the fight. I lost my wraithguard in a turn 3 assault by some hammernators. Turn 4, I killed a 2nd vindicator with his own dread using "puppet master". My spiritseer is killed. Turns 5 & 6 was a war of attrition.

I emerge as the eventual winner 16-4

Game 3 - vs. Player 7

Final game, lose roll off but seize. Night fighting this game. Manage to kill a tac squad with the shadow weavers, first blood again. shadow weavers get pounded back and fail leadership. wraithknight goes to charge but fails. Turn 2, my wraithguard get out and one-shot the wraithknight with their d-cannons. Cue one pissed off opponent. At this point my opponent begins to retreat back into his corner to castle his home objective. I was on the offensive but then it all fell apart on his turn 4. I started failing saves and my troops got wiped. In the last turn he moved onto the central objective to claim and then contested my only remaining claimed objective with turbo-boosting jetbikes.

After a solid start, I lose 7-13

Overall tournament placing:

Overall thoughts

Against the opponents I faced, the list I fielded served me extremely well. It was well balanced with plenty of equally threatening targets for my opponents to try and deal with. The area denial units served me particularly well, especially in game 3. I'm glad that I didn't have to face the flying circus or dual Land Raider list though as I think I would have struggled quite badly against those lists. Overall though, I'm happy to have placed.

What do you guys think of the list? Anything you would have changed? Hit me up in the comments.

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