Monday, 2 December 2013

Building a Dynasty – Impressions of the Necron book and plans for the future

As I mentioned in my first post, I’m starting Necrons. There are 3 main reasons for this:

1: I want a new army.
2: I want an army that can hold it’s own on the tourney scene.
3: They aren’t Eldar or Tau.

I love my Daemons but I have been playing them almost constantly for the last 3 years. I have played my Deathwing for a bit during that time but they are just a bit of fun really. As for point number 2, I might be fairly new to the 40k competitive scene but I want a decent chance of not getting utterly trashed at a tourney. The reason for me not wanting Eldar or Tau are a combination of the fact they are rampant at my club (and I here they are like rats, pretty much everywhere) and that I can never really find a list I like the look of.

So Necrons then right? I like their fluff and look. The whole Stargate type thing and the very Macbeth story of their tragic rise to power appeals to me. I’ve borrowed a friend’s codex and I’ll be looking through it over the next few weeks looking for units to catch my attention.

A few units grab my attention. Nightscythes, Deathmarks and Wraiths all look awesome, they will all definitely find a way into my lists. They also happen to be 3 of the best things in the book, lucky me right? As for a HQ, I’m looking at Nemesor Zandrehk. This dude is the daddy of the Necron special characters, yes, even better than Imotehk and his gimmicky lightning trick. He can dish out any one of a bunch of special rules to a friendly unit, of particular note is Stealth and Tank Hunter. Stealthed Warriors? Tank Hunting Annihilation Barges? Yes please! The flip side of this is that he can strip certain special rules from enemy units. Again, stealth is a big one here.

Doomsday Arks on the other hand seem to be awful in comparison to the other Heavy Support choices. A skimmer that can’t move because it will make it’s gun weak? Not that a single str 9 template is anything to write home about, especially when it costs 185 points.

I’m going to keep looking at the book and lurking on some forums and put a list together. I’m really quite excited for this. I’ve not built a brand new army in a while.

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