Friday, 20 December 2013

Getting ready for PAW 2014 - Calamari marches to WAR!

Evening all, Calamari here! I recently got a reminder that the other local club in my area is holding their annual event at the start of February and I’ve decided to join in. It is an 1850 40k tourney using standard book missions and, like all events like this, it's supposed to be toppers with filthy armies and players. Seeing as my Necrons are still a long way from being ready, I’m going to be taking my Daemons flying circus.

Now, I have been playing with these guys for quite a while (since well before the 6th ed codex, I've always used lots of Princes) and I’m constantly trying to refine it. At the moment my list is Fateweaver, a Great Unclean One, 3 Nurgle Princes with all the toys, a few Screamers and a couple of token troops. This has been really irritating to a few people at my FLGS but I think I’ve seen some areas that need improvement. Namely MOOOAAAAR firepower and the loadout of the Princes.

To get more shooting in the list, I have dropped most of the Screamers and the GUO, allowing me to add a squad of Horrors.  I was sceptical of these guys when I first saw them. They can be stopped by a lucky Deny the Witch roll and then could go on to hand out FNP like it’s going out of fashion. However, after I looked at them a bit longer and used them in a couple of games, I’ve come to appreciate them more. While they aren’t ideal due to the issues I mentioned above, they can potentially throw out a huge amount of mid strength shots regardless of how many models there are in the unit in addition to them being scoring. Winner!

I was never overly happy with the setup of the Princes. The thing that mark of Nurgle has going for it is shrouding. Being able to hide my DPs in a ruin for 2+ cover on the way into combat was awesome. This was not without it’s disadvantages though. Losing out on the ability to run or being able to Sweeping Advance hurts. Slaanesh is a good mark for the extra speed plus I get access to the Lash of Submission for even more firepower. I’m kind of forced into taking Mark of Tzeentch on at least 2 of the Princes due to taking Fateweaver. This isn’t really a bad thing. Apart from being the most expensive mark, rerolling saves of a 1 and getting to cast all of my powers at Ld 10 is very helpful. Using this set up I can free up a Heavy slot for a Soul Grinder.

So far, my list is looking like this:


Daemon Prince

Slaanesh, Armour, Flight, Exalted Reward (Portalglyph), Lesser Reward (Lash), Mastery level3

17 Plaguebearers

10 Daemonettes

11 Horrors

Soul Grinder
Slaanesh, Baleful Torrent

Daemon Prince
Tzeentch, Flight, Armour, Exalted Reward (Gimoire), Greater Reward, Mastery Level 3

Daemon Prince
Tzeentch, Flight, Armour, 2 Greater Rewards, Mastery Level 3

Total: 1849

So this list keeps most of the elements of my original list but with more improvements. The portalglyph can give me more troops if needed. The Grimoire coupled with Fateweaver’s reroll can make a unit really survivable for a turn and the Daemon Princes are much more rounded and backed up by more shooting. Plenty of time for playtesting in the meantime though!

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