Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Path of the Artisan - A Quest for Painting Glory in 2014

This past weekend hosted Games Day 2013 at the NIA in Birmingham, and with it, the annual Golden Daemon painting competition.

Now, the vast majority of attendees who are vocal on the forums seem to agree that "Games" Day is a bit of a misnomer nowadays unfortunately. However, Forge World rocked up to save the day with Primarchs & Legions & Tanks (Oh My! - sorry), and it was the Forge World guys who spurred me into action with plans and ideas for next year's Golden Daemon which, all being well and funds permitting, I plan to enter. So what, I hear you ask, inspired me? Well, it was this: -

This bad boy is a WIP from Warhammer Forge and I've got an idea for using it in a 40K diorama. How and what is for me to know for now, but if my plans come to fruition I'll be logging my progress on my entries(!) throughout the year with the aim of getting my hands on one of these,

and I hope you'll follow me through the process. I think I'm going to have a go at some of the single mini categories, but if I can scrounge the pennies together, a 40K diorama is definitely on the cards. It just depends on which one of my crazy ideas makes the cut and whether or not I can keep the motivation going to get it finished.

Strangely, I've already had some ideas for the Single Warhammer Miniature category. Now this is most unlike me as I'm not a huge fan of Fantasy, but, there are some gems out there in the range which warrant further investigation, particularly some of the Skaven & Lizardmen characters.

Anyways, for now I'm off to ponder the possibilities and start planning, but if any of you have had a bash at Golden Daemon in the past, I'd love to hear about your experiences and any advice you might have for me so hit me up in the comments.

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