Thursday, 21 November 2013

Re-inventing the wheel: New missions for 40K tournaments. Part 1

After attending and organising several tournaments at my local FLGS, The Giant’s Lair *coughshamelessplugcough*, I have gotten a bit bored of using the same old missions out of the book. Especially seeing as in a tournament situation they seem to get a bit sterilised in the name of balance, for example removing the random numbers of objectives. So I have taken upon myself to try and slip in some new and interesting missions into the mix.

First of all is a fairly simple addition to the mission roster, I call it Forlorn Hope. Basically it follows on from the Scouring and Big Guns in that it makes new units scoring, in this case elites. Hardly ground breaking I know but at the moment there is next to no incentive to take elites for mission reasons and I think it makes for a more rounded event. This minor tweak is going to be the first thing I try and get the other committee members to agree to.

Mission 2: Seize Ground

In this mission the objectives are set up as shown in the awesomely drawn MSPaint diagram, 3 objectives placed equally along the centre of the table. The red objective is worth 4 points; the blue ones are worth 2 each. Sounds pretty standard right? But there is a twist; if the blue objectives are contested they give 1 point to each player. This is to encourage the players to think about which objectives they will go for. Going for the middle objective while contesting the others is risky while relying on getting the side objectives might not get you enough points to get the win. I know this mission might end up with a lot of draw results but I’ll have to see how the play testing goes. More to come in part 2…

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