Monday, 25 November 2013

Reinventing the Wheel: Part 2

So last week we looked at a couple of ideas I’ve been kicking around for new tournament missions and this week, I have 2 more for you lovely people.

Mission 3: Take and Hold

In this mission players get to place an objective in each quarter (2 each) with a fifth objective placed in the center of the board. Players deploy using Vanguard Strike from the rulebook. The twist on this mission is that each player scores a point at the end of every game turn for each objective that they claim. The idea behind this is that it makes players consider all objectives on the board. Claiming another objective, even for a turn, can earn you the points needed to get the win.

Mission 4: Cleanse

That’s right! I’m bringing this 3rd edition favourite back, with a 6th edition slant. Using the old Spearhead deployment, players will have to fight to clear the table quarters and claim them with their own scoring units. A quarter is claimed when a scoring unit has the majority of its models within a given table quarter and as long as there are no opposing enemy scoring/denial units in their as well. A contested quarter is worth 1 point; a claimed quarter is worth 3 and a fully claimed enemy deployment one is worth 4. I like this mission as it discourages castling up and could lead to some pretty awesome micro battles happening around the board as each player tries to control the table quarters.

These could all use a bit of play testing and refinement but I’m interested in changing up the sometimes stagnant tourney scene of my local shop. Thoughts and opinions on this?

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